2015 Fall Newsletter

The Warren Historical Society has been busy this summer. Many folks dropped by to explore and ask questions through the summer. Hopefully the word is out there that the Campbell House is open to all who are interested in our town’s history. We were open to the public on Wednesdays from noon to four plus folks called for appointments at random times. Many thanks to Clayton Winchenbach, Bev Williamson,Dick and Audrey Ferren, and Sandra Overlock for being available to help us out. We also had the help of Cathy Daniels, who volunteered with the tedious job of sorting boxes of news paper clippings from the 1930’s to the present. Alden Overlock, the son of Warren’s noted artist Dorothy Overlock, dropped in to view the desk that General Knox sat at in the day. In the course of our conversation he mentioned he had restored his folk’s home down on the Georges River. The home was the offices of the Old Woolen Mill. It was also the site of the old tannery which was in operation in the 1800’s. The house and grounds are beautifully restored. Alden actually maintained the essence of the building with curved stairwell and wide boarded flooring with much of the original building materials intact. It is amazing how much room there is in the house. Thanks for sharing Alden. There were several requests for genealogy searches, which some people found by going through the records we have on premise. If you know the history of your homes it would be greatly appreciated if you would share your information since there were request as to who had previously lived in the residence now inhabited by new folks. Please send your information in care of Curator of The Warren Historical Society. Maps were requested for searches for old garrisons that were located along the Georges and Oyster Rivers. Does anybody know of a saw mill that was on the upper branch of the Oyster River? Did you know we have folks in town who have grown record setting vegetables? For instance in 1939 Vesper Rokes grew a turnip weighing 21 pounds. In 1979 Clayton Winchenbach, then owner of the Village Market, held a “Largest Spud” contest and Hugh Start was the winner of The Golden Spud Potato Peeler for his super sized KennebecSpud.

The web site has been updated with the new pricing for books that are for sale. We also are in the process of establishing an on-line site for sale of all publications we have. Dick Ferren and Fred Macdonald replaced some of the flooring in the garage/meetingroom in order to strengthen the floor as well as remove the grease and oil soak boards.The floor has been painted gray as well. The equipment display area has a nice coat ofpaint compliments of Dick. We request that if anybody has a rug they no longer want thatyou consider donating said item to the Historical Society. Let it be noted this is not arequest for rugs that should go to the dump but something that is pleasing to the eye with a historical impact. The furnace had its annual review and is deemed as healthy and secure. There was an addition of a larger expansion tank which resolved the overflow problem. We definitely need a generator back up for the Campbell House but funds are limited at this time. Ifanybody knows of some fund raising ideas please contact Jan Macdonald at 273-3154. Keri Vilchinski and Karin Larson spent hours (more like months) in Warren cemeteries identifying, photographing, and cataloging Civil War veteran’s graves. They especially worked with graves identified with Grand Army of the Republic markers, which the emphasis was for Keri’s presentation on the Civil War in September. As a result of their research the grave information was coordinated with information in Cyrus Eaton,Soldiers and Sailors database, WHS primary documents, and the Civil War monument intown and in a cohesive documentation for our town. Karin Larson presented the life and history of Erwin Hussey, a Maine sailor in the 1800’s.This wonderful talk resulted from five years of study, research and transcription of his letters, plus doing a genealogic search for his grave which she found in Richmond, Maine. Historically speaking, Warren does go beyond Main Street and we all want to encourage everyone to explore their neighborhoods and document their findings. You can send your information to Warren Historical Society, PO Box 11, Warren, ME 04864 or drop it by the Campbell House on Wednesdays through the summer since the Campbell House will be open 12 to 3 PM on that day starting in June or by appointment if you wish. We are having a membership drive and renewal as of this date. Membership is $10.00 per year for an individual, Couples are $18.00 per year, Sustaining Member is $25.00, Contributing Member is $50.00, Benefactor Member is $100.00, and a Business Member is $50.00. Please fill in the enclosed envelop and send it back to the Warren Historical Society PO Box 11, Warren, Maine 04864. The goals of the Historical Society are to preserve records, documents, genealogies, artifacts and relics pertaining to the Town of Warren. This all happens only with the vision and help of the community and its existing groups and clubs.

Curator's News: Many thanks to the donors of Acquisitions since March of 2015.? Donated by Robert Wyllie; a scrapbook of photos, programs, newspaper clippings that belonged to Chester Wyllie, the donor's father. Mr. Wyllie directed the Summer Concerts at the Warren Baptist Church from August 1932 - 1956. Sheetmusic entitled "The Dear Old Kennebec Way Down in Maine" dated 1915. Abrown, leather bound photo album with colored flowers on the cover with photos of the Annie Fales Lermond family. A typed photocopy of Warren Church History written by Grace A. Lermond Wyllie in 1951. Sheet music "Just Before the Battle,Mother" with words by Warren residents Charles Wilson and Ward Stetson, arrangement for two tenors and two basses, written by Robert Wyllie for the 1976Bi-centennial and performed by the male chorus for the 1976 summer concert.The original quartet of singers was Charles Wilson, Ward Stetson, Chester Wyllie and John Robinson. Also donated by Robert Wyllie is a Wyllie family photo of Chester Wyllie (born 1892) taken in 1904 when the family lived in MA. A framed photo of Fred and Emma Wyllie's 50th wedding anniversary. Uncle Henry Lermond's photo album and two Hampstead flexible starched collars for men. ? Donated by Joan and Clayt Winchenbach is a red stenciled grocery scale with a weight.? Donated by Dick Ferren is a Mining Transit book that belonged to the GeorgesRiver Canal Society that includes a record of exploration. Also, a map of the district of Maine, town reports 2001-10, and a videotape of Warren's Past.? Donated by the Georgetown Historical Society are three black and white photosof 1973 Warren Thrift Shop, Woolen Mill entrance, and a 1988 photo of a Warrenchicken barn. ? Donated by Irene and Richard Maxcy is a quilt made by the Warren TuesdayQuilters, It was made for a raffle in 1985 and won by Belle Maxcy; One photo album with photos of the Frank D. Rowe School and the ground breakingceremony for the new Warren Community School in 1999.? Donated by Mary Jane Boggs is a letter from a church in Glasgow, Scotlandconcerning Archibald Anderson and Ann Malcolm written before they came toWarren in 1753. ? From the estate the Lois Bragg are the following items: a booklet of lists ofWarren High School graduates 1884-1950, the revised list of graduates June 2000, black and white photos of Warren High School graduates from 1947-51, publicity photos of the Novelty Boys and Cora Deane, country and western singers who performed locally.? Donated by Arnold Hill is a blueberry winnowing machine and on display in thegarage.? Donated by Gail and Dana Philippi of Liberty, Maine is a H. Newman, druggist,clear glass bottle.? Donated by Patty Weaver is a book entitled "A Fair Field and No Favor" a concisehistory of the Maine State Grange? Donated by Jan Macdonald is a porcelain bed pan circa 1914, now on display inDr. Campbell's exam room.? Donated by Diana Sewell is Harpers School Geography book 1870 that belonged to Harris Copeland of South Warren. Also, The Complete Geography book 1885 that belonged to Archie Bucklin of South Warren. ? Donated by Jen and Bob Carter is a collection of Lloyd Maxcy's Ham RadioContacts 1960-70s including postcards and letters from around the world. Also, a list of Warren servicemen from Operation Desert Storm. Pastor Renwick of theBaptist Church spoke at a community service organized for the purpose to singand pray for these servicemen. Also, a clay pipe found in the cellar of 17 WhiteStreet, Warren.? Also, thanks to Karin Larson who has transcribed letters written by Porter v Richmond to his family in 1864. He served as a private in 20th Maine Co. E in theCivil War. She has also transcribed the William Payson Post G.A.R. Minutes1897-1912, a clerk's book for burying grounds in School District #7 dated 1871-1901, located in Pleasantville or currently Rt. 131. She is now transcribing the journals of Mary A. Webb 1857-60. She lived in Boston and ran a boarding housewith her mother and sister. Her father's family lived at the Webb Farm on Western Road, currently across from Hill N Dale stable.

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