The Canal Office and Tan Yard

The Georges River Canal

This canal system was one of the oldest in our country. The first part of the canal was built by Charles Barrett in 1794, but it was washed out in a heavy rain the following Summer. General Henry Knox purchased and rebuilt the canal which was abandoned after his death in 1806. An effort to rebuild the canal was made in 1837 but failed in bad economic times. In 1846 the state legislature authorized the Georges RIver Canal COmpany to begin construction of a canal from tidewater in Warren to Stevens Pond in Liberty. On July 4th, 1848, a 23 ton steamer the "Sennebec" ran up to Sennebec Pond in Union. High costs of maintaining the locks and dams doomed this effort. The outstanding success of New York State's Erie Canal in 1825 and following years encouraged the unwise building of many canals in the face of tremendous progress of railroads at the same time. The financial success of the year railroads was the ruin of most canal systems.

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