picture of Dr. Campbell

Dr. Fred Glover Campbell

Fred G. Campbell was born in Rockland on Feb. 25th, 1884. He graduated from Rockland High School in 1902 and from Baltimore Medical College in 1911. He interned in Worcester, MA and came to Warren in 1913 and died in his home, now the Dr. Campbell House and Museum at 225 Main Street, in 1982 at 98 years of age.

He was the true family doctor to the citizens of Warren. He delivered babies. (If you are one of those babies, delivered by Dr. Campbell, or know someone who is, please contact the Society to let us know as we are putting together a scrapbook on the Dr. Campbell Babies). Dr. Campbell also served as the physician at the state prison in Thomaston for twenty years. In the early days, office visits to his home were 50 cents, house calls were $1 and calls out of town were $1.50.

Dr. Campbell and Grace Walker were married in 1914 and in that same year he purchased the home that had been the family home of George Walker, Grace's parents. Dorothy Orff joined the Campbell family and cared for their handicapped daughter Jean who died in 1980. Dorothy also cared for Grace and Dr. Campbell until their deaths.

The Campbell/Walker home at 255 Main Street was left to the Warren Historical Society in 1982. Its many rooms, sheds and garage showcase the Society's collection of furniture, pictures/paintings, farm equipment and displays of Warren's industries. Society members meet at the house on the first Tuesday nights between April and December for their monthly meetings. Other community groups have also used the Dr. Campbell Hosue and Museum for their meetings.

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