Modern day Picture of Dr. Campbell House (home of Warren Historical Society)

The Warren Historical Society was formed in 1964 by a number of Warren citizens interested in preserving the history of Warren and its people by collecting artifacts and documents related to Warren's past. Among the earliest members were Dr. Campbell, Edwin K. Boggs Sr, Bertha Drewett, Ted Overlock, Leland Overlock and others. By the end of the year 1964 over 64 artifacts were in the collection. Larger items were stored in the Boggs' barn and archival documents and photos were kept upstairs in the Warren Free Public Library. Today the collection has grown to thousands of artifacts, photos and documents. At the urging of Ed Boggs Sr, Dr. Campbell left his large residence at 255 Main Street to the Society in 1982. Upon the death of Dr. Campbell, the Warren Historical Society moved its entire collection into the building.

Major projects that the society has undertaken include the total replacement of the front porch, and in 2012, the clapboards on the house, and also the installation of a climate controlled unit for long term storage of the archival and textile collections.

The Warren Historical Society is suppported by memberships, dues, donations, the Town of Warren and book sales.

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